March 21st Warm Ye Ovens! NCD is back!

It's two short months until NCD 2015! March 21st is the day and we are taking it back to midieval times for this year's theme.

March 22, 2014 is this year's National Corndog Day!!!

Just a quick reminder that National Corndog Day will be on Saturday, March 22 this year. Mark your calendars!

Pepsi Sponsorship

Wow! My family is die hard Pepsi fans. What does this mean for all of us? Will there be coupons in the party packs? Will they give a years worth of Pepsi as reward for the picture contest?

When is NCDD this year?

Looking at the hoops schedule, it looks like it should be Saturday, March 23, 2013. Am I correct?

Bottling Day

Today Brett and I are bottling our corndog inspired beer. The first small batch we did turned out pretty good! So we brewed a large batch. Can't wait for NCD!

Jones Soda

will jones soda be doing a custom label on a the green apple? it being st. patricks day

Merry Christmas

Cannot wait for Corndog Day. We have people asking already about 2012 National Corndog Day and planning vacation around the big event.

Encinitas 2011 - records continue to fall

We had a blast this year! We upped our attendance record to 63. John and Natalie brought our youngest attendee, 8-week old Skylar.

Triple Double Certificates

Does anyone know where to get the Certificates for the Triple Double? I've printed them off the website before, but can't find them.

MD/DE Party Central is Winding Down

Had toddler bedtimes to contend with this year, so the party got started early and ended early. All told we hit some good numbers this year.

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