The Big Day

Thou art in for a treat!
National Corndog Day 2015 is coming March 21! The lore of ancient eras is filled with tales of corndogs and their mystical powers and use in combat. CORNDOG IN THOU FACE could be heard throughout the land. It's time once again for one of amateur basketball’s most revered days, and your taste buds most anticipated! This year marks the 23rd annual celebration of America’s finest pairing of sporting and gastronomic achievement. The new party packs are available and ready to bring life to your festivities.

As most of you know by now, National Corndog Day is the ultimate celebration of America’s love of basketball and meats on sticks. Additionally, it’s a perfect excuse to catch up with friends and family.

This year National Corndog Day is March 21. For all you amateur basketball lovers, this particular day is significant because it is the one day a year that a quadruple-header of tournament action is broadcast live nationally. Think about it, 7-8 hours of outstanding hoops from start to finish, without ever having to change the channel. Such an occasion deserves a unique way to celebrate. Join us and pay homage by catching up with friends, enjoying a few laughs, and most importantly, enjoying a steady diet of corndogs! Lots of corndogs….

It is with great hope that this website will bring much enthusiasm and assist our efforts to further promote National Corndog Day. Please tell your friends about it, and help promote what may become America's favorite new holiday. Feel free to contact us and let us know what you think of our site, or if you have any suggestions, links, or information that we'd be interested in.

We hope to see you involved this year and for many future years to come!

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