Merry Christmas

Cannot wait for Corndog Day. We have people asking already about 2012 National Corndog Day and planning vacation around the big event. Will be watching for updates, wondering exactly which day it will be? March 17th, St Patrick's Day, green dogs and green beer, or the March 24th, the weekend after? Either way have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

leprechaun tots

obviously we need some way to make leprechaun-shaped tater tots...some kind of mold...


we were thinking that the tots will be in the pot of gold. the other thought is hashbrown in a cake pan. i know they make a rainbow, they should make a leprechaun.

Green corndogs?

Sweet!! We enjoy making our own corndogs. I am going to run some tests and see if I can get green corndogs. Other than the obvious green beer are there any other things I should be trying to turn green? can not wait!!!!!!

NCD 2012!

Hey Lucas! It's gonna be 3/17. St. Patrick's day is the most dangerous NCD there is...

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