How to Party

Eat corndogs! Watch basketball!

thecorndoggang315x215It’s not rocket science. From first tip on Saturday until the final buzzer 4 games later, it’s corndogs, hoops and a great excuse to pull some friends together for a party in March. We’ve also proven over the years that nothing compliments basketball and corndogs better than some toasty tater tots and some fine domestic brew.

Creativity and competition (and perhaps masochism) have become a natural by-product of National Corndog Day. Keeping track of the numbers of corndogs, tater tots, and beverages consumed at the parties has become a necessary evil, and the only true way to achieve a sense of personal satisfaction on this sacred day. For those seeking great individual glory, why not have a crack at the infamous NCD Triple Double?


Anyone is welcome to join in the NCD festivities. You can either:

  1. Attend an established National Corndog Day celebration (check out the party list to find the closest public NCD celebration near you); or
  2. Host your own NCD celebration. Hosting a NCD celebration of your own is easy! You just need the following:
    • Friends
    • TV tuned into “the big men’s basketball tournament”
    • A hot oven (deep fryer or BBQ works as well)
    • One or more couches, lazyboys, beanbags, or other comfortable seating
    • A bunch of corndogs (Foster Farms recommended)
    • A bunch of tater tots
    • Domestic beer and your non-alcoholic beverage of choice
    • Some mustard and ketchup
    • NCD Triple Double Score Sheet – to keep tabs on your participant’s stats
    • For the pros: NCD Tally T-shirt – track your progress on the shirt

To get listed on the site, please visit the Register Party page.